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Feb 9th, 2018 / Firmware Update: LiveAmp
The latest Firmware Update (4.60) for LiveAmp is now available. ... more details & download
Feb 9th, 2018 / New: Operating Instructions actiPOWER Combi Switch
Operating Instructions for the actiPOWER Combi Switch are now available ... download
Jan 31st, 2018 / Media Coverage: new articles and video added
Articles and Video on"What Happens in the Brain Before a Bungee Jump?" added ... more details
Jan 26th, 2018 / Submission for the Brain Products MoBI Award 2018 open
Are you into MoBI (Mobile Brain/Body Imaging) research? Then, take part in the Brain Products MoBI Award 2018!
The winner will receive a complete EEG recording system (incl. our wireless amplifier, LiveAmp, caps and software). Further details on the MoBI Award are available at Submissions will be accepted untill the end of March 2018.
Jan 15th, 2018 / Firmware and Operating Instructions Update: LiveAmp
The latest Firmware Update (4.59) for LiveAmp is now available.
An updated version of the LiveAmp Operating Instructions was published with the release of BrainVision Recorder 1.21.0303.
Jan 10th, 2018 / Software Release: BrainVision Recorder 1.21.0303
BrainVision Recorder 1.21.0303 (incl. Video Recorder and the latest File Converter for LiveAmp) is now available ... more details & download
Jan 4th, 2018 / Brain Products joins "MoBI" and "ESIT" projects
We are happy announce our partnership in two more R&D projects: "MoBI" and "ESIT" ... more details.
Dec 29th, 2017 / New: Brain Products "Press Release" (Issue 3/2017)
Issue 3/2017 of our newsletter, the “Press Release”, is out now and available at Among others it includes:
Dec 7th, 2017 / Job Openings: Scientific Consultant, Product Manager, Sales Assistant & more
We keep expanding and are looking for new team members in various departments, e.g. Technical Support, Product Management and Sales ... more details
Dec 1st, 2017 / How to setup the actiCAP slim
SetUp Poster for actiCAP slim/snap available ... download