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BrainVision Analyzer 2 Solution "Wavelet Data Export"

Wavelet Data Export

A new, updated version of the Solution "Wavelet Data Export" for BrainVision Analyzer 2 is now available. In addition to some small improvements this update fixes a critical issue with data normalization in the Solution "Wavelet Data Export", version 1.1 (100), which was released on 28-06-2013:

  • Data normalization was incorrectly applied when selecting and subsequently unselecting the check-box "Point Mean Normalization" in the dialog.
  • Further, data normalization was not accomplished in template mode - irrespective of the setting of the check-box "Point Mean Normalization" in the original node.

In these cases, data export was accomplished incorrectly. All issues have been fixed in version 1.2 of the Solution as released on 28-02-2014, and now either the sum or the mean of the extracted values is exported according to the selection of the check-box "Point Mean Normalization".

We strongly recommend examining the exported data files generated using the Solution "Wavelet Data Export", version 1.1 (100) as released on 28-06-2013. The version of the Solution which was used for the data export can be found in the Operation Infos of the respective "Wavelet Data Export" node.

Please note that the Operation Infos of the "Wavelet Data Export" nodes as well as the reported options in the header of the exported text files might be misleading. Therefore, we recommend inspecting the exported values for large variation in the numeric range of the data. For example, in an appended export file the values of the first dataset might be normalized (leading to small mean values), whereas all others might not be normalized (leading to rather large sums). If you notice any inconsistencies, we recommend repeating the data export. To do so, please re-apply the updated Solution "Wavelet Data Export", version 1.2.

We very much regret any inconvenience this issue may have caused.
You can find more detailed information regarding the update of the Solution in the Release Notes.

Analyzer 2 Solution Wavelet Data Export - Release Notes
Type: pdf   Size: 37.7 KB

To download the Solution "Wavelet Data Export" (version 1.2) use one of the installers below or click here.

Analyzer 2 Solution Wavelet Data Export - Installer
Type: exe   Size: 1,001.3 KB
All Analyzer 2 Solutions incl. Wavelet Data Export (version 1.2) - Installer
Type: exe   Size: 0.0 KB

Should you have any questions or need any help, please contact and we will assist you with inspecting your export files.