Cap cut is important for accurate EEG recordings

Cap cut is important for gathering accurate EEG recordings. A poorly fitted cap can lead to several issues, including electrode displacement, increased impedance as well as participant discomfort and increased participant movement. Such movement can introduce artifacts into your EEG recordings.

One size does not fit all

We understand that there is no universal head size or cap cut: one size does not fit all! That’s why we offer a range of cap sizes and two distinct cap styles, A-Cut and C-Cut. These different cuts are designed to accommodate the diverse head shapes found globally. The A-Cut is designed for round head shapes whereas the C-Cut is designed for oval head shapes.

Easycap is the only EEG cap manufacturer to offer these distinct cap cuts. Starting from May 2024, Easycap caps will come with a hand-sewn label indicating their cut. Researchers can thus easily identify their equipment at a glance. You can read more about the new labels and the science behind cap cuts in the latest Easycap blog post: The Importance of Cap Cut for Accurate EEG Recordings.

You can get details about the sizes and styles of our electrode systems here: Electrodes & Caps.