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Brain Products License Files

Ongoing diversification of our software product range makes it necessary to implement a transparent and reliable management of software licenses. Our main software products BrainVision Recorder and BrainVision Analyzer are therefore protected by the well known hardlocks (either USB or parallel). However, with new software options being introduced, a pile up of dongles could easily result. Therefore, a sub-license concept was established. Sub-licenses control important functionalities like Video EEG, data reader, bio feedback, online MRI correction and others. The sub-licenses are implemented using the BrainVision license file. This is a small executable file which can be downloaded below. The license file has to be executed on every local installation of BrainVision Recorder, BrainVision Analyzer or BrainVision RecView and enables all desired functions. (Please note: For BrainVision RecView in network-mode you need to run the license on every computer you wish to run RecView on.)

When installing the license file, please follow the instructions provided here.


License File for Analyzer 1 and/or Recorder
Type: exe   Size: 129.7 KB

To request your Analyzer 2 License File, please contact us indicating the number that is printed on your dongle.