Neuroergonomics 2024

Brain Products is pleased to join our local distributors, Bionic France at the Neuroergonomics 2024 conference this year in Bordeaux, France. Neuroergonomics 2024 will take place July 8 – 12, 2024. The Neuroergonomics conference aims to bring together multidisciplinary research domains and scientific communities concerned with better understanding humans in complex real-life contexts. The motto for this year is “The brain at work in everyday life.”

Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-conference workshop/tutorials (see details here)

Neurophysiological assessment to enhance neuroergonomics in operational environments
Monday, July 8, 2024 at 15:00-17:30pm

Join us in the afternoon of July 8th for a pre-conference workshop on neuroergonomics assessment in operational environments. We are happy to offer this workshop with our friends from BrainSigns. Brain Products Scientific Consultant, Eduardo Bellomo will join Pietro Aricò and Fabio Babiloni, both from BrainSigns & Sapienza University of Rome, Italy to present “Neurophysiological assessment to enhance neuroergonomics in operational environments.”

New solutions or technologies in operational environments are often evaluated through subjective assessments, expert judgements and performance monitoring. Subjective measurements have not proven to be extremely robust due to conscious bias and
high intra-operator and inter-operator variability. Performance indicators can only provide incomplete information as an operator may achieve the same performance under different mental conditions (i.e. workload).

This workshop will update participants on the current state of the art on mental states evaluation, and demonstrate current novel wearable technologies. It will show how neurophysiological measures (e.g. EEG signals) are suited to assess human mental states (e.g. workload, stress, vigilance) and neurophysiological assessment in out-of-the-lab applications. can even be computed online, i.e., during the execution of the task. Participants will have the opportunity to see how quick and easy it is to get quality EEG for neurophysiological assessment with the Mindtooth headset.

Exploring Neuroadaptive Technologies through Passive BCI
Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at 8:00am-12:00pm

We are happy to join Prof. Dr. Thorsten O. Zander and Dr. Marius Klug from Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU), as they dive into the potentials of Passive Brain-Computer Interfaces (pBCIs) for Neuroadaptive Technologies in this workshop. Aimed at attendees that do not have specific background knowledge in EEG or pBCI, this workshop is structured to bridge theory with application, encouraging innovation in the intersection of neuroscience and ergonomic design.

Beginning with an introduction to pBCI, Prof. Zander will highlight its role in enhancing Human Computer Interaction by intuitively integrating user states into systems without explicit commands. Dr. Klug will then explore applications within Virtual Reality environments, showcasing the practical implications for immersive user experiences.

Completing the workshop, our Scientific Consultant, Eduardo Bellomo, will provide a hands-on demonstration of different EEG amplifiers and electrodes to be tried out live, with a focus on mobility and real-world applications. This segment emphasizes the tangible aspects of deploying EEG technology in Neuroergonomics.

For more information about the workshops and event visit the conference website.

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Jul 08 - 12, 2024


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