Respiration Sensor

The non-MRClosedMagnetic Resonance respiration sensor consists of an elastic belt with a pouch, a pneumatic sensor, a transducer and a cable for the connection to the amplifiers’ AUXClosedAuxiliary ports ( Figure 34 ). A previous version of the respiration belt has been discontinued: it consists of a disposable belt into which a zigzagging (coiled) wire is sewn. The belt can be connected to the AUX ports of the amplifiers via the provided interface.

The two types of respiration sensors follow different physical principles. However, both measure the thoracic or abdominal respiratory movements and convert them into electrical voltage. Therefore, the signals acquired with the two types of sensor share the same properties and the information provided in this tutorial, in terms of acquisition and signal post-processing, are valid for both types of sensors.

Figure 34 Respiration sensor