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Facts & Figures

Company History

In 1997 the Brain Products GmbH was founded by Alexander Svojanovsky and Henning Nordholz. With the founders and staff, the team’s specialist knowledge totals to dozens of years of experience in neurophysiological research.

Much has happened in Neurophysiology since the founding of the company. Brain Products revolutionized the EEG/ERP analysis market with BrainVision Analyzer Professional. This truly innovative software provides a practical and easy-to-operate software solution to in-depth EEG analysis.  In 2008, Brain Products released a new version of its popular software which has been completely rewritten and optimized to reflect the continuously developing needs of our customers.  The successful development of Analyzer 2.0 was achieved under the supervision of Dr. Achim Hornecker, who took Henning Nordholz’s place as the managing director of development in 2006.

Brain Products also sets the standard in the hardware development sector.  The Brain Products amplifier series encompasses nine types, with a wide range of applications. In few short years, Brain Products has grown to be the world leader in this area and continues to maintain the level of excellence set with its market leading software.

Brain Products dedicates itself to the research and understanding of the human brain and nervous system.  With versatile hardware and software solutions the company enriches the complex and fascinating neurophysiological market. Brain Products offers worldwide support to over 1.000 universities and scientific research institutes.  The Brain Products company supplements a comprehensive product suite with a worldwide network of knowledge brought to life by our distributors and business partners, collaborative projects with universities, in-house Research and Development, the collaboration of Brain Products’ experienced team, industry experts, and clients resulting in continued product innovation.  Providing quality and innovation is a key element of Brain Products business strategy. More than 20 years of competence and innovation - Brain Products is your answer for today and tomorrow!

Brain Products Building in Gilching

Brain Products’ headquarter Gilching (Munich)