New: MoBI Award Virtual Symposium Recording

Check out the new MoBI Award Virtual Symposium recording(s) in our latest playlist on YouTube.

Did you miss the MoBI Award Virtual Symposium 2020? Or do you want to see those great Mobile Brain/Body Imaging talks again? Then our MoBI Award Virtual Symposium playlist is just what you need.  In this playlist, you’ll find great talks from Scott Makeig, Ph.D., Prof. Dr. Klaus Gramann, as well as this year’s MoBI Award winners, Dr. Zakaria Djebbara, Dr. Andrew Nordin and Dr. James Dowsett.  … watch recording here

The Brain Products MoBI Award is a biennially presented award that recognizes excellence in the field of Mobile Brain/Body Imaging research. Our aim with this award is to benefit the mobile brain and body imaging field and to motivate scientists who bring EEG out of the lab and into the real world. Learn more about the MoBI Award here.

Learn more about Brain Products solutions for mobile brain/body imaging here. Our scalable LiveAmp mobile amplifier allows you to record EEG data outside of the traditional laboratory settings and bring your research into the world. Our active electrodes provide the highest signal quality for mobile applications without compromising comfort or preparation time. You can expand this compact, wireless setup to include sensors, triggers, as well as an additional power source.