Using Carbon Wire Loops to improve EEG-fMRI data quality

The recording of our latest webinar is now available. Check out “Using Carbon Wire Loops to improve EEG-fMRI data quality” on the Brain Products Webinar Channel.
In this webinar, we take a look at our complete Carbon Wire Loops (CWL) solution for EEG-fMRI applications. The recent addition of the CWL Regression transformation to our BrainVision Analyzer 2 software completes our solution for CWLs. In this webinar, we show how our hardware and software for CWLs can improve EEG data quality in EEG-fMRI studies.
Firstly, our Application Specialist for EEG-fMRI, Dr. Tracy Warbrick, demonstrates our CWL hardware solution. Further, she explains why CWLs are useful for handling motion-related artifacts in EEG data recorded in the MR environment. Secondly, Dr. Bastian Schledde from our Scientific Support team introduces the new CWL Regression transformation. Finally, he demonstrates how to use this transformation to remove motion-related artifact, including cardioballistic artifacts, and improve EEG data recorded during fMRI.
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