New webinar recordings are now available

New webinar recordings of the free sessions from our “Brain Products Academy Workshop: Foundations of EEG – Theory, Hardware and application Principles” are now available on the Brain Products Academy Webinar Channel:

  • What is EEG – Foundations of EEG
  • EEG hardware – what do you need to record EEG
  • Overview of application fields

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What is the Brain Products Academy?

The Brain Products Academy brings together all aspects of our training and education activities – from short written tutorials to online workshops and a whole host of exciting content in between. Accordingly, we deliver the same quality and expertise that you have come to expect from Brain Products. You can trust that all of our Brain Products Academy events are of the highest standard. In addition, to complement the excellent content of these events and materials we would like to offer opportunities to meet other like-minded scientists, talk to our Brain Products staff one-to-one, and to present or discuss your own work. To achieve this, we offer sessions during our online and on site workshops where we can informally meet.

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