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Nov 19th, 2020 / New: Release of BrainVision Analyzer 2.2.1 and further updates
  • BrainVision Analyzer 2.2.1 release
    For detailed information on this new full release and to download/install it, click here.
  • End of support for HASP HL dongles in BrainVision Analyzer 2.2.1
    With the newest release of BrainVision Analyzer 2, we are retiring the older generation of license dongles. The new Analyzer 2.2.1 and future versions will only support Sentinel HASP dongles. To ensure that your dongle stays compatible, we offer a free upgrade of your HASP HL dongle to Sentinel HASP technology. If you want to update your Analyzer version to 2.2.1, please go to our information page to check if your dongle is ready and learn about the upgrade process.
  • Update of Analyzer 2 Solution "Wavelet Data Export"
    This update adds the possibility to export to CSV format and to change the decimal separator to a comma. It additionally fixes issues that occurred in the previous version when channel pairs were exported, and when coherence data was exported in template mode. More detailed information can be found in the Release Notes. To download the updated Solution installer click here.
Nov 18th, 2020 / New: LiveAmp Firmware Update
The latest Firmware Update (4.74) for LiveAmp is now available. ... more details & download
Nov 18th, 2020 / New: BrainVision CapTrak
BrainVision CapTrak incl. Release Notes is now available ... more details & download
Nov 10th, 2020 / New: Registration for upcoming webinar open
Sign up now for our upcoming webinar "Introducing the Carbon Wire Loops for BrainCap MR" ... more details & registration
Nov 4th, 2020 / New: Carbon Wire Loops for BrainCap MR
Carbon Wire Loops are now available as optional items for any new BrainCap MR. Alternatively, the Carbon Wire Loop can be added to any existing BrainCap MR as a Retrofit option. more details
Sep 24th, 2020 / New: Registration for EEG-fMRI online workshop open
Sign up now for our upcoming online workshop "Introduction to Simultaneous EEG-fMRI - From Acquisition to Analysis" ... more details & registration
Sep 21st, 2020 / New: Registration for upcoming webinar open
Sign up now for our upcoming webinar "Introduction to the CGX Quick-20r headset" ... more details & registration
Aug 25th, 2020 / New: Brain Products Newsletter "Press Release" (Issue 2/2020)
Issue 2/2020 of our customer newsletter, the "Press Release", is out now and available at
Among others it includes
Aug 17th, 2020 / New: Brain Products joins "VirtualNoPain" project
We are happy announce our partnership in the "VirtualNoPain" project ... more details.
Jul 3rd, 2020 / New: MoBI Award Virtual Symposium Recording
Did you miss the MoBI Award Virtual Symposium 2020? Or you want to see those great Mobile Brain/Body Imaging talks again? Then check out our latest playlist on YouTube with great talks from Scott Makeig, Ph.D., Prof. Dr. Klaus Gramann as well as this year's MoBI Award winners Dr. Zakaria Djebbara, Dr. Andrew Nordin and Dr. James Dowsett ... watch recording