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Jan 21st, 2020 / New: BrainVision Recorder 1.22.0101 released
BrainVision Recorder 1.22.0101 incl. BrainVision Video Recorder 1.01.0001 as well as actiCAP ControlSoftware are now available ... more details & download
Jan 20th, 2020 / New: Job offer "Product Service Specialist (m/f/d)"
We keep expanding and are looking for a Product Service Specialist ... more details
Jan 14th, 2020 / New: Job offer "Scientific Consultant - Technical Support (m/f/d)"
We keep expanding and are looking for a new team member in our Technical Support Department ... more details
Jan 9th, 2020 / Product Launch: LabSim
We just launched the [LINK=/productdetails.php?id=75]LabSim/LINK], a small and handy signal generator, able to generate signals required to test the input ports of different amplifiers. Respective Operating Instructions are also available ... download
Jan 7th, 2020 / New: Job offer "Scientific Consultant - Sales (m/f/d)"
We keep expanding and are looking for a new team member in our Sales Department ... more details
Dec 19th, 2019 / New: Brain Products Newsletter "Press Release" (Issue 3/19)
Issue 3/2019 of our customer newsletter, the "Press Release", is out now and available at

Among others it includes
Dec 16th, 2019 / New: Latest webinar recordings added to Webinar Channel
We just published the latest BrainVision Analyzer 2 webinar recordings. Visit the Brain Products Webinar Channel and watch "Time-frequency analysis with Wavelets", "Phase and connectivity analysis" or "Independent Component Analysis - Theory and Application" ... go to Webinar Channel
Dec 13th, 2019 / New: How to set up the actiCHamp Plus
A poster, showing how to set up the actiCHamp Plus, is now available ... download
Dec 13th, 2019 / New: SDK for actiCHamp/actiCHamp Plus and LiveAmps
To get direct access to our actiCHamp/actiCHamp Plus and LiveAmp amplifiers - without using a recording software (e.g. BrainVision Recorder) - check out our new BrainVision Amplifier SDK ... more details & download
Dec 12th, 2019 / New: BV2BIDS Converter
If you intend to organize and share your BrainVision raw data according to the EEG-BIDS standards, check out our command line BV2BIDS converter ... more details & download