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Feb 19th, 2019 / Update: Operating Instructions for Wireless Trigger and R-Net
New versions of the operating instructions for the Wireless Trigger and R-Net (sponge-based electrode system) are now available.
Feb 13th, 2019 / NEW: Videos added to Media Coverage Section
We just added videos on "Sleep like a dream - how we can improve our sleep and learn and train in our dreams" and "Analog or digital? Do preschoolers learn better with pen and paper or with keyboard?" to our Media Coverage section ... more details
Dec 20th, 2018 / NEW: Introducing the BrainVision Data Exchange Core Format
The well-established Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) framework has also included an extension for electroencephalography (EEG) data (BIDS-EEG), which is used for standardizing, organizing and sharing freely distributed EEG datasets within the neuroscience research community.

In appreciation for the robustness and wide use of the BrainVision Data Exchange Core Format, BIDS has officially adopted it as one of the preferred EEG file formats. ... more details
Dec 17th, 2018 / NEW: Brain Products "Press Release" (Issue 3/2018)
Issue 3/2018 of our newsletter, the "Press Release", is out now and available at
Among others it includes
Dec 14th, 2018 / NEW: Brain Products Webinar Channel is live
Didn't get a spot for our last BrainVision Analyzer 2 webinar on "Spectral Analysis using FFT"?
Simply re-watch the recording of this and other webinars on our Webinar Channel.
Dec 3rd, 2018 / NEW: Registration for upcoming "Analyzer 2 Webinar" open
Sign up now for our "BrainVision Analyzer 2 Webinar (03/2018): Analyzer 2 Webinar (3/18): Spectral Analysis using FFT" ... more details & registration
Dec 3rd, 2018 / NEW: Brain Products joins "Neo-PRISM-C" project
We are happy announce our partnership in the "Neo-PRISM-C" project ... more details.
Nov 20th, 2018 / Update: Operating Instructions LiveAmp
New version of the operating instructions for LiveAmp (wireless system) available ... more details & download
Nov 19th, 2018 / NEW: Video/article added to Media Coverage Section
We just added an article on "BeMoBIL: Imaging Human Brain Activity in Motion" as well as a video on "How Human Machine Interfaces have an impact on the medical sector" to our Media Coverage section ... more details
Nov 18th, 2018 / Update: License installation instructions
If you received an Analyzer 2 or Recorder sub-license file, a license activation file, or you are missing your Add-ons functionality and need to download and re-install a sub-license file, the following information may help you ... download