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Apr 28th, 2021 / New: Registration for further upcoming webinars open
Registration for our upcoming webinar "The next generation of CGX Quick Systems - wireless dry EEG made simple" is now open as well. During the event, we will walk you through the exciting new features of the headset and perform a live demo. Sign up and reserve your spot ... more details & registration
Apr 23rd, 2021 / New: Latest webinar recordings available
Recordings of our latest webinars "Introducing the CGX AIM Physiological Monitor" and "Sleep Research and Sleep Scoring Soluion in BrainVision Analyzer" are now available on the Brain Products Webinar Channel.
Apr 19th, 2021 / New: Brain Products Newsletter "Press Release" (Issue 1/2021)
Issue 1/2021 of our customer newsletter, the "Press Release", is out now and available at
Among others it includes …
Apr 9th, 2021 / New: CGX Quick Systems with live LED impedance measurement now available
The newly released CGX Quick Systems have been updated to include live impedance checking by means of LEDs, as well as improvements in design and wearability. In addition, we put together a bundle including the new Quick Systems and BrainVision Recorder for CGX. If you’ve recently purchased a Quick System and would like to upgrade, we are offering trade-in and loyalty programs ... more details
Mar 19th, 2021 / New: Registration for upcoming webinars open
Registration for our upcoming webinars is open. Sign up now and reserve your spot ... more details & registration
Feb 19th, 2021 / New: BrainVision Recorder and LiveAmp Firmware Update
A new update for BrainVision Recorder (to 1.23.0004) as well as a firmware update (4.76) for LiveAmp are now available. ... more details & download
Jan 28th, 2021 / New: Job offer "Junior Application Specialist EEG-fMRI (m/f/d)"
We are hiring and looking for a Junior Application Specialist EEG-fMRI (m/f/d) to expand our Product Management Team ... Job Description, Responsibilities and Requirements
Jan 28th, 2021 / New: Welcoming Tobii Pro Eye Tracking systems into our Portfolio
We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Tobii Pro to offer you high-grade, screen-based and wearable eye tracking systems for your combined EEG & Eye Tracking research.
Jan 26th, 2021 / New: 160 channel R-Net
Our sponge-based electrode system for research applications, the R-Net, is now also available with 160 channels. This version includes also 14 facial electrode, 18 subinion/temporal electrodes and is available starting from size 49 ... more details
Dec 10th, 2020 / New: Webinar recording on Webinar Channel
The recording of our latest webinar "Introducing the Carbon Wire Loops for BrainCap MR" is now available on the Brain Products Webinar Channel. The presentation slides along with the toolboxes and data from the webinar can be downloaded from our GitHub page.