EEG-fMRI webinar series

Registration is now open for our EEG-fMRI webinar series on June 18, 2024! We are excited to announce our next Brain Products Academy webinar. In fact, we’re so excited we’re doing a whole series of webinars! These webinars are free and sure to be popular, so secure your spot today.

One Day – Three Webinars!

This Brain Products Academy webinar series will focus on joint EEG-fMRI analysis methods. In multiple sessions, will be able to go beyond handling scanner-related artifacts in EEG data. In particular, we will introduce applications that benefit from combined EEG-fMRI analyses. We will then cover methods for combining EEG-fMRI data. Additionally, we will address factors to consider when combining data sets from different modalities. The webinar will also demonstrate an in-depth data processing pipeline in BrainVision Analyzer for two types of combined EEG-fMRI data methods.

This webinar is intended for users who are familiar with the general concepts of EEG-fMRI data acquisition and artifacts associated with the combined methods. If you want to review EEG-fMRI topics before this event, you can visit our Brain Products Webinar and Brain Products Academy channels for recordings from previous online trainings.

Sign up for all three webinars for free or simply join those most relevant for you and your research.

Expert panelists

The EEG-fMRI webinar series will be taught by Brain Products Application Specialists for EEG-fMRI. In addition, our BrainVision Analyzer experts from the Scientific Support team will join them to cover the Analyzer-specific topics.

Want more info?

Visit the registration page for more information. Your can discover more about the Brain Products Academy on our website and sign up to our dedicated mailing list to be one of the first to find out about future webinars and workshops.