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  • Dry electrode wireless EEG amplifier headset for fast and zero-gel recordings

  • Available with 20 or 32 channels based on the 10-20 system

  • On-board impedance checking by means of LEDs

  • Equipped with flexible composite arms for excellent contact between sensors and scalp

Quick-32r & Quick-20r v2: Fast and easy to apply dry headsets

CGX in partnership with Brain Products present the current versions of CGX’s high-grade, dry electrode headsets with online impedance monitoring.

Most notably, the new Quick-32r and Quick-20r v2 have been updated to include on-board impedance checking by means of LEDs, the Brain Products’ patented technology which is implemented in our actiCAP slim electrodes. This handy feature eases your setup as you can directly see the range of the electrode’s impedance at each site in real-time without having to check the recording software. BrainVision Recorder for CGX (available here) not only allows online impedance checking and has an LSL (LabStreamingLayer) outlet, but is also compatible with BrainVision RecView to perform online analysis.

Just like their predecessors (Quick-8r/20r and Quick 30), the new headsets also

  • fit adolescents and adults
  • include 2 variable ExG leads for user defined ECG, EMG and EOG
  • offer unrestricted access to raw data
  • support an ultra-low latency link to wirelessly transfer triggers using StimTrigger

Both headsets are a great match for neurofeedback, BCI, neuroergonomics, neuromarketing, other mobile applications, or wherever a super-fast and non-residue application is vital.

For a detailed overview of the technical specifications, please refer to the respective product user guides:

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