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  • Wireless StimTrigger

  • AIM Physiological Monitor

  • Dev Kit
  • Sensors (Drypad, Flex and Hydroflex) for Quick systems

The following wireless devices will turn your CGX Quick System into a more comprehensive solution.

Wireless StimTrigger

Send accurate and precise time markers for triggers and events. As timing accuracy is guaranteed in hardware, there is no need for software or algorithmic timing compensation, making experiments simple and reliable, just like a traditional wired setup.

AIM Physiological Monitor

Physiological Monitor is a compact, sophisticated unit that comes with sensors for heart rate, temperature, respiration, GSR, PPG/HRV/SpO2 and bipolar inputs (for ECG, EMG). It can be used as stand-alone or combined with any CGX EEG system.

Dev Kit

The Dev Kit includes everything you need to undertake EEG experiments and custom hardware development: an 8-channel amplifier, inputs for CGX dry electrodes and ExG’s, and a headband for mounting dry electrodes.

CGX system electrode options: Drypad, Flex and Hydroflex Sensors

The Drypad Sensor is flat — used directly on bare skin. The Flex Sensor has rigid fingers with soft rounded tips that brush through hair. HydroFlex Sensors are perfect for subjects with sensitive skin — and since they can be moistened, return a signal equivalent to wet sensors throughout the frequency range.

For a detailed overview of the technical specifications, please refer to the respective product manuals:

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