BrainVision Video Recorder Kit

BrainVision Video Recorder Kit
  • Solution to synchronize EEG and video recordings

  • Delay between video stream and EEG: only 1-2 video frames maximum

  • VisionVideo plugin for quick and easy configuration of various camera settings

  • Comes with a high-resolution network camera that connects to your recording computer or to your local IP network

Synchronizing EEG and video recordings reliably and easy

Several EEG research applications require that a video of the subject is recorded together with the EEG. Particularly in sleep research, work with babies and in mobile EEG applications, combining video and EEG recordings is a standard procedure.

The BrainVision Video Recorder Kit replaces the previously offered Recorder Digital Video Interface Kit and uses a high-resolution network camera, integrated with BrainVision Recorder to provide you with excellent synchronization of your video and EEG recordings.

With the network camera and the Video Recorder plugin, you can benefit from a minor jitter of only very few video frames, depending on the amplifier and computer being used. Especially in long term recordings, clock drift can cause a growing discrepancy between EEG and video stream. To minimize this, we implemented an active drift correction mechanism to keep the two data streams aligned.

This video solution is an add-on to the BrainVision Recorder Software and compatible with all Brain Products amplifiers.

Video Recorder KitTechnical specifications
EEG and Video synchronisation
Start offsetTypically ±2 video frames
(Depending on Brain Products Amplifier and PC configuration)
DriftTypically < 0.5 video frames/hour
(Depending on Brain Products Amplifier and PC configuration)
Camera-specific specifications
Camera image sensorRGB CMOS
Camera lensFixed focal length, 2.8 mm, F2.0
Horizontal field of view: 110°
Vertical field of view: 61°
Camera resolutionFull HD (1920x1080)
Night recordingsWith infrared (IR) illumination LED
Video compressionH.264
Frame rate25 fps
PowerPower over Ethernet (PoE), Micro-USB
AudioWith integrated microphone
SecurityPassword protection
Dimensions106 mm x 60 mm x 37mm
Weight134 g
Tripod mountyes (1/4" socket)
Suitable for use in MR scanner roomNo
Medical deviceNo

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