BrainVision RecView

  • Solution for real-time analysis of data received via TCP/IP

  • Widely used in the EEG-fMRI field to remove gradient and ballistocardiogram artifacts during scanning

  • Offers FFT analysis, data filtering, mapping of surface potentials useful for BCI or bio-/neurofeedback applications

  • Uses the same History Trees® concept as BrainVision Analyzer

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BrainVision RecView: Software solution for real-time data analyses

BrainVision RecViewBrainVision RecView is an advanced software solution designed for real-time analysis of data received over the Ethernet network via TCP/IP directly from BrainVision Recorder, our multifunctional software for recording setup and execution.

It is mainly used in the EEG-fMRI field to remove both the gradient and the ballistocardiogram artifact (permitting experimental control during scanning). In addition, RecView can be used for fast Fourier transform (FFT) analysis, data filtering, mapping of the surface potentials, as well as BCI and bio-/neurofeedback on the incoming data.

The BrainVision RecView software specifications and system requirements are listed in the table below.
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BrainVision RecViewSpecifications
Data displayOnline MRI artifact correction
Cardioballistic artifact correction
FFT analysis (Improved FFT filter)
Data filtering
Mapping of surface potentials
Segmentation and Average filters
LORETA functionality for source localization
Bipolar montage
Gel brigde detection
Linear derivation
LPT-Port Access: Level, R-Peak and Band Power Trigger
Easy integration of custom online analysis
System Requirements
Operating systemsWindows® 10 (64-bit)
Windows® 11
ProcessorIntel® Pentium IV Processor 2 GHz or higher
Graphics adapterGraphics card with 64 MB of RAM
RAMMin. 512 MB
Free disk spaceMin. 1 GB free hard disk space. Additional storage requirements depend on the extent of the data to be processed.
MonitorMin. 17"
A 21" monitor is recommended for more than 32 channels
Medical productNo
CE markingNo

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