Tobii Pro Glasses 3

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  • Advanced wearable eye tracker

  • 16 illuminators and 4 eye cameras integrated into anti-reflective and scratch-resistant lenses

  • 50 Hz or 100 Hz, full HD resolution scene camera with 106° field of view

  • Tobii Pro Glasses 3 Controller software (for calibration and recording) included

Tobii Pro Glasses 3: Wearable eye tracker delivering accurate gaze data from moving and naturally interacting participants

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Tobii AB to offer you Tobii Pro Glasses 3. Perfectly paired with our mobile LiveAmp amplifiers, this wearable solution allow you to conduct behavioural EEG and eye tracking research in a variety of real-world settings. Tobii Pro Glasses 3 delivers robust eye tracking and accurate gaze data while giving users the freedom to move and interact naturally.


A variety of accessories is available. E.g.,

  • Protective lenses (clear and tainted) to prevent damage in challenging situations and to support research in bright environments
  • Corrective lenses to cater for people with vision impairment
  • Nose pads to ensure optimal fit for different wearers

For a detailed overview of the technical specifications, please refer to the official Tobii website.

Getting started

Webinar recording “Mobile EEG and Eye Tracking with Tobii” (Part 1 – Hardware Solutions and Data Synchronization)

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