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actiCHamp Upgrade Offer

An old gem retires – a new star is born

In 2011 the actiCHamp hit the market and since then has served as the benchmark amplifier for many labs around the world when it comes to recording EEG with active electrodes.

But wouldn’t it be handy to have the flexibility of switching easily between active and passive electrode systems – still using the same amplifier?

This is exactly why we introduced the actiCHamp Plus in 2018. It offers all features that made our actiCHamp so successful, PLUS a superior set of features making it even better.

Why upgrade?

actiCHamp actiCHamp Plus
Compatible with active electrodes
Compatible with passive electrodes
(incl. sponge-based systems)
Mirrored triggering
Synchronization output options:
Sampling rate
Sync signal (0.1 – 25 Hz)

Powerful lithium-ion battery

To all our loyal and happy actiCHamp customers who want to benefit from these added features and transition seamlessly to the Plus, we are announcing a special trade-in offer of your old actiCHamp for a highly discounted brand-new actiCHamp Plus.

How to upgrade

  • Send back your fully functional actiCHamp amplifier and actiPOWER battery – incl. actiPOWER cable
    (all other cables and connectors remain the same)
  • Receive a brand-new actiCHamp Plus amplifier and PowerUnit battery – incl. PowerUnit cable

To request your upgrade and for any questions, please contact your contact your local distributor or us (send email).
Be sure to act quickly! This campaign will be offered until December 31st, 2022.

Note: Although the actiCHamp was discontinued at the end of 2019, we will continue providing support for our actiCHamp users, as well as keeping spare parts available.

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