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The Brain Products team forms the foundation of our success. Each team member is valued for the wealth of experience they bring to their area of responsibility. Our unique corporate culture is marked by the authenticity and diversity of our team members, mutual respect and open dialogue. We are motivated to work together to achieve our collective goals.

Quality and innovation are key elements of Brain Products business strategy and success. Our hardware and software solutions are backed by a worldwide network of knowledge brought to life by our team members, distributors and business partners. Both projects with universities and in-house research and development, give our team the chance to collaborates with industry experts and our users to bring continued product innovation. We not only learn with each other, but also from each other. This is the best way to support our customers.

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Our leadership

Pierluigi Castellone, Msc.Eng.(1)
General Manager
Dr. Manfred Jaschke
General Manager
Scientific & Technical Innovation
Melanie Petrich
Authorized Officer
Head of Human Resources & Accounting

Our team

Dipl.-Ing. Dinh-Phuong Nguyen
Software Developer | Project Manager
Dr. Robert Stoermer
Senior Consultant in Technical Support
Stefanie Rudrich
Head of Marketing
Helmut Lutz
Head of Facility Management | Logistics Specialist
Dr. Davide Riccobon
Usability Manager
Dr. Michael Jachan
Software Developer
Dr. Lisa Glass
Head of Scientific Support
Manuela Lehnert
Production Specialist
Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Hauser
Software Developer | Project Manager
Benjamin Spinnler(2)
Head of Logistics & Export
Olga Nusser
Marketing Manager
Monika Mauerer
Production Stand-in
Dipl.-Ing. Peter Lukoschek
Hardware Developer | Project Manager
Tomasz Kucinski, M.Sc.
Software Developer | Project Manager
Manuel Lang
Head of Production
Nicola Soldati, Ph.D.
Head of Subsidiary Management & Business Development & Sales
Dr. Tracy Warbrick
Head of Education & Scientific Communication | Application Specialist EEG-fMRI
Dipl.-Psych. Michael Hoppstädter
Team Leader of Scientific Support
Andreas Butz
Team Leader of Accounting
Liam Scannell
Team Leader of Marketing | Event Manager
Dmitry Titov, M.Sc.
Software Developer
Dr. Stefania Geraci
Team Leader of Technical Support | HR Delegate
Nermina Schelbert
Office Manager
Tanja Horst
Office Manager
Dr. Michael Schubert
Head of Product Management
Dipl.-Math. Armin Böller, M.Sc.
Software Developer
Dr.-Ing. Kidist Mideksa
Scientific Consultant in Scientific Support | User Application Test Manager
Renata Strasser
Production Specialist
Dr. Lena Beskers
Scientific Consultant in Technical Support
Reimund Mauerer
Production Specialist
Dr. Christina Lavallee
Team Leader of Subsidiary Management & Business Development
Uwe Heiß
Dr. Alex Kreilinger
Technical Product Manager
Dr. Bastian Schledde
Scientific Consultant in Scientific Support
Laura Leuchs, Ph.D.
Scientific Consultant in Sales
Markus Claußen
Head of IT
Eduardo Bellomo, Ph.D.
Team Leader of Sales | Scientific Consultant
Sheridon Sauer
Marketing Manager
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Alfred Handke
Software Developer
Sara Pizzamiglio, Ph.D.
Scientific Consultant in Sales
Bettina Manzenberger
Accounting & Payroll Specialist
Hannah Kreilinger, M.Sc.
Scientific Consultant in Technical Support
Anett Knoll
Sales Operations Specialist
Majid Jafarinejad, M.Sc.
Software Developer Firmware
Dr. David Schubring
Head of Technical Support
Erik Gkaisarlidis
Product Service Specialist
Dr. Yin Fen Low
Scientific Consultant in Scientific Support
Ramon Martinez Cancino, Ph.D.
Scientific Software Analysist and Advisor
Fernando Cross Villasana, Ph.D.
Scientific Consultant in Scientific Support
Obi Musturu, M. Sc.
Hardware Developer
Cilia Jäger, Ph.D.
Application Specialist
Mario Paci, Ph.D.
Scientific Consultant in Sales
Daniela Vollrath
Logistics Specialist
Dr. Helena Funk
Product Manager
Filip Miloloza
Production Specialist
Shogufa Amiri
Repair and Production Specialist
Elisabeta Ioana Bitto
Production Specialist
Gerhard Barth
Digital Content Marketing Manager
Shivakumar Viswanathan, Ph.D.
Scientific Consultant
Christian Gallner
Production Specialist
Anne Trabert
HR Manager
Paulo Rodrigo Bazán, Ph.D.
Scientific Consultant
Alexandra Felea, M. Sc.
Scientific Consultant
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