MoBI (Mobile Brain/Body Imaging) | Mobile & Wireless EEG

Our scalable mobile amplifier allows you to record EEG data outside of the traditional laboratory settings and bring your research into the world. You can expand our compact, wireless setup to include sensors, triggers, as well as an additional power source. Our active electrodes provide the highest signal quality for mobile applications without compromising comfort or preparation time. Fully synchronized video and EEG recordings are made possible with a network camera, directly integrated into our recording software.

Recommended solutions

Below you will find some of our recommended solutions for this application field. Depending on your research paradigm, other solutions may be more appropriate. For the optimal setup for your research goals, please contact your local distributor.



LiveAmp Wireless Trigger

Wireless Trigger for LiveAmp

LiveAmp Sensor & Trigger Extension (STE)

Sensor & Trigger Extension (STE) for LiveAmp

actiCAP snap

actiCAP slim/snap

BrainVision Video Recorder Kit

BrainVision Video Recorder Kit



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Reference labs

We enjoy the close contact we have with research groups using Brain Products equipment. In fact, these collaborations often help us improve our solutions, not just for one specific application field, but for all. We greatly appreciate the ongoing collaboration with these labs.

BeMoBILTU Berlin | Department of Biological Psychology and Neuroergonomics | BeMoBIL
(Berlin, Germany)

Logo CHIPSCentre for Health and Integrative Physiology in Space
(Cologne, Germany)


Here are some papers related to this application field (published by the above mentioned reference labs):

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