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BrainVision Recorder is our multifunctional recording software. It is designed to provide our amplifier customers with an extremely versatile and easy-to-use platform for recording setup and execution. Here you can download BrainVision Recorder and all related downloads which are available to registered users. Please create an account to access these downloads.

Please note:

Download the current version

Note: Brain Vision Video Recorder 1.03 requires BrainVision Recorder 1.26 or higher. The zip file includes the video codec.

BrainVision Video Recorder 1.03.0002
BrainVision Video Recorder 1.03.0002 - Release Notes

Download the previous version

Note: Brain Vision Video Recorder 1.02 requires BrainVision Recorder 1.25.0000 or higher. The zip file includes the video codec.

BrainVision Video Recorder 1.02
BrainVision Video Recorder 1.02 - Release Notes
Remote Control Client/Server (RCC/RCS)

The current version of the Remote Control Client/Server for BrainVision Recorder is available here. The zip file contains:

  • Remote Control Server (RCS) and Remote Control Client (RCC) Installation
  • Source-Code for Remote Control Client
  • User Manual

Further details can be found in these newsletter articles and in this resource on Experiment Control.

Remote Control Server 2 (RCS) for BrainVision Recorder – Current version

Remote Control Server 2.1.0 for BrainVision Recorder
Remote Control Server 2.1.0 for BrainVision Recorder - Release Notes

Download BrainVision Recorder documentation

BrainVision Recorder 1.26 - User Manual including Video Recorder

BrainVision Recorder Remote Control Server 2 - User Manual
BrainVision Recorder - OLE example code

Additional tutorials that don’t require a registered account are available in Support & Resources and in our newsletter.

Brain Products license files

You may need an additional license file if using an older version of BrainVision RecView or Recorder.

BrainVision Recorder is protected by a USB key. For the Sentinel HASP dongle technology (used since 2013) add-on licenses are stored directly on the USB key. For these, no additional license file is required.

Older dongles need an additional file

Older dongles, however, used a different technology. In this case, the licenses for additional functionality must be provided in so-called “sub-licenses.” These sub-licenses must be installed using a BrainVision license file. To do that, the license file has to be executed on every local installation of the software following these instructions.

How do I know if I need a license file?

To check whether the add-on licenses are recognized, navigate to Help > About in BrainVision Recorder to see whether Add-on licenses are listed.

You can download the license file for BrainVision Recorder Video, RecView or RecView MR correction here.

Need further assistance?

For further questions about these solutions, please contact our Technical Support team indicating the number printed on your dongle.


Need help?

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To ensure the best support, please mention your dongle number in software-related enquiries.