EEG and NIRS are sensitive to different cascades of events that are linked to the same neural activities and, much like combined EEG & fMRI, complement each other in terms of their temporal and spatial resolution. For combined stationary EEG-fNIRS recordings, our all-in-one lab amplifier allows versatility in combining other sensors, as well as a high channel count. For mobile recordings outside of the lab, our scalable wireless amplifier can be easily combined with other mobile NIRS systems. Our electrode caps can be custom made to accommodate fNIRS optodes in your montage.

Recommended solutions

Below you will find some of our recommended solutions for this application field. Depending on your research paradigm, other solutions may be more appropriate. For the optimal setup for your research goals, please contact your local distributor.

actiCHamp Plus & PowerUnit

actiCHamp Plus



TriggerBox Plus

TriggerBox Plus

LiveAmp Wireless Trigger

Wireless Trigger for LiveAmp

LiveAmp Sensor & Trigger Extension (STE)

Sensor & Trigger Extension (STE) for LiveAmp

actiCAP snap

actiCAP slim/snap