EEG & Eye Tracking

An eye tracking device is a valuable add-on for practically all visual EEG experiments, whether they be mobile or lab-based. The slim, low profile design of our active electrodes make it easy to slip wearable eye tracking glasses directly over the EEG cap, allowing for comfortable combined recordings do. Pairing our all-in-one lab amplifier together with a screen-based eye tracker provide the highest resolution of data with the flexibility to choose between active and passive EEG recordings. Communication between our recording software and your stimulus presentation software ensure a smooth execution of your paradigm.  Our analysis software can easily accommodate for additional eye tracking channels, making it possible to add and synchronize eye tracker data to the EEG data stream.

Recommended solutions

Below you will find some of our recommended solutions for this application field. Depending on your research paradigm, other solutions may be more appropriate. For the optimal setup for your research goals, please contact your local distributor.

actiCHamp Plus & PowerUnit

actiCHamp Plus



actiCAP snap

actiCAP slim/snap

BrainVision Analyzer

BrainVision Analyzer

Tobii Pro eye trackers (screen-based)

Screen-based eye trackers by Tobii

Tobii Pro eye trackers (wearable)

Wearable eye trackers by Tobii