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The BrainVision CapTrak is a professional camera-based electrode location scanning system. It includes a hand-held scanner equipped with two integrated cameras and an intuitive easy-to-use software for fast electrode localization. With BrainVision CapTrak users can accurately and quickly acquire positions of all Brain Products active electrodes. The BrainVision CapTrak system is compatible with the actiCAP ControlBox (BrainAmp), actiCHamp Plus and LiveAmp. Here you can download the BrainVision CapTrak software and all related downloads which are available to registered users. Please create an account to access these downloads.

BrainVision CapTrak supports USB 3.0 BrainVision CapTrak hand-held scanner Rev. 02 or later. Scanners with FireWire cameras are not supported.

The .zip file below includes an Autorun.exe, to install BrainVision CapTrak, as well as workspaces, .bvef files and the user manual.

BrainVision CapTrak supports FireWire and Rev.02 USB 3.0 BrainVision CapTrak hand-held scanners.

For detailed information about this release, please refer to the release notes below.

BrainVision CapTrak
BrainVision CapTrak - Release Notes

Download BrainVision CapTrak documentation here.

BrainVision CapTrak - Operating Instructions

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