Download more software & firmware

Here, you can download more software and firmware associated with Brain Products solutions.

actiCAP Control Software

When using BrainVision Recorder in combination with the actiCAP ControlSoftware (actiCAP ControlBox) for impedance measurements, please make sure you are using the latest version of the actiCAP ControlSoftware.

actiCAP ControlSoftware
actiCAP ControlSoftware - Release Notes
actiCAP ControlSoftware
actiCAP ControlSoftware - Release Notes
actiCAP slim Operating Instructions

Montages, workspaces and electrode coordinate files (.bvef) for actiCAPs and additional tutorials that don’t require a registered account are available in Support & Resources.

File converters

If you intend to organize and share your BrainVision raw data according to the EEG-BIDS standards, you can download and make use of our command line BV2BIDS converter. A brief description/usage of the tool can be found in this newsletter article.

BV2BIDS Converter

When using a LiveAmp amplifier and recording to memory card, please make sure to also download and install the LiveAmp File Converter. Detailed information on how to use the File Converter can be found in the BrainVision Recorder User Manual as well as the LiveAmp Operating Instructions.

LiveAmp File Converter 2.1.5

Firmware updates

LiveAmp Firmware Update
LiveAmp Firmware Update - Release Notes
LiveAmp Operating Instructions
TurboLink Firmware Update
TurboLink Firmware Update - Info

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

The packages below will help you to get direct access to our amplifiers without using a recording software (e.g., BrainVision Recorder).

BrainVision Amplifier SDK

Note: to download this file, you must first read and accept the license agreement. Click the download link to view and accept the license agreement. The download will start after you click the button confirming that you agree to the license agreement. You can also download the BrainAmp SDK License Agreement as a PDF for your records.

Further details on this SDK can be found in this newsletter article.

BrainAmp SDK

TriggerBox Test IO

To use the TriggerBox as virtual serial port you need to install a small application, the TriggerBox Test IO, which is available below. Note: TriggerBox Test IO is only compatible with TriggerBox revision 2 (released in September 2015) or later. More detailed information is available in our newsletter article “TriggerBox 2 – millisecond precise trigger without a parallel port”.

TriggerBox Test IO 1.3.0 (32-bit)
TriggerBox Test IO 1.3.0. (64-bit)
TriggerBox Test IO - Release Notes
TriggerBox Test IO 1.2.2 (64-bit)
TriggerBox Test IO 1.2.2 (32-bit)
TriggerBox Test IO - Release Notes - Previous version

Note: TriggerBox Test IO is only compatible with TriggerBox revision 2 (released in September 2015) or later.

TriggerBox Programming Examples


If you are experiencing issues trying to connect to actiCHamp-TurboLink from Recorder it could be due to Windows Defender. The actiCHamp-TurboLink tool allows you to reset the firewall rules for BrainVision Recorder and actiCHamp-TurboLink. For details, see Appendix E2 in the BrainVision Recorder 1.25.0101 - User Manual.

actiCHamp-TurboLink Tool

Please also check out our Brain Products GitHub Channel, where you can find the following LSL connectors for our amplifiers and other useful open source tools.

LSL connector app for actiCHamp
LSL connector app for BrainAmp
LSL connector app for LiveAmp
LSL connector app for BrainVisionRDA

Use the BrainVision LSL Viewer to monitor online LSL streams. Select one EEG stream and any number of irregular streams (for example, markers). Visualize EEG and AUX channels simultaneously and display Fast Fourier Transforms of up to four channels.

Visit for more instructions on how to use this tool.

BrainVision LSL Viewer
Note: BrainVision LSL Viewer requires Windows 10 (64 bit) operating system with Microsoft Visual C++ runtime. Please download and install the redistributable vc_redist.x64.exe from before using LSL viewer.

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