Workshop: Handling scanner related artifacts in EEG-fMRI studies

Why attend?

This online workshop will guide you through the topics essential to removing scanner-related artifacts from your EEG data. The workshop is designed for researchers new to this topic and those who already have some experience with EEG-fMRI and would like to consolidate their existing knowledge.

What will you learn?

  • The origin and nature of scanner related artifacts
  • How the recording environment can influence the data
  • How to inspect data for scanner related artifact
  • The correction methods available
  • Hands-on application of these methods in Analyzer 2
  • An introduction to the Analyzer 2 software is also provided to facilitate the hands-on sessions using Analyzer

Why attend?

  • Expert teachers
  • An introduction to the Analyzer software will be provided by Yin Fen Low, a scientific consultant in our scientific support team.
  • Handling scanner-related artifacts will be taught by our two Application Specialists for EEG-fMRI: Tracy Warbrick and Cilia Jaeger.
  • Interactive experience
  • The data handling parts of the programme will be interactive, where attendees can click along with the data processing in Analyzer to gain some experience in navigating the software.
  • Attendee numbers will be limited so that we can work in a small group to allow plenty of support from the workshop teachers and to encourage questions from attendees.
  • Supporting material
  • A demo data set will be provided
  • A demo software license will be sent to all attendees.
  • A workshop booklet will be provided to support this online workshop

Discover more about this Brain Products educational event, check out the agenda and meet our team at our dedicated event page.

The event is finished.


Jun 08, 2022

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