New: BrainAmp Tutorial Video

The EEG tutorial series on our YouTube channel continues to grow. For example, we recently added a new BrainAmp Tutorial Video: How to get started with your BrainAmp system.

The BrainAmp Tutorial Video demonstrates the steps to get started with Brain Products BrainAmp EEG amplifier. In particular, we show you what’s in the box and how you connect the system and cables to get started with your EEG recordings as quickly as possible. Further, we also briefly demonstrate how different cap types (BrainCap, actiCAP slim/snap, R-Net) are connected to a BrainAmp. The video covers:

  • Overview of BrainAmp EEG amplifiers
  • Getting started with a BrainAmp DC
  • Unboxing
  • Setting up the system
  • Connecting the TriggerBox
  • Connecting your electrode cap


About the BrainAmp

The BrainAmp is our high-end stationary EEG amplifier solution for lab environments.

  • Up to 256 channels: Stackable 32 channel units
  • Expandable with the BrainAmp ExG for bipolar and sensor data acquisition
  • Full compatibility with all our active and passive electrode systems

Learn more about the BrainAmp on the dedicated product details page.

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