New: TriggerBox Plus and TriggerBox Plus Software 2.0.3 released today

We are happy to announce the new TriggerBox Plus and TriggerBox Plus Software version 2.0.3 have been released.

The TriggerBox has been one of the core products in Brain Products’ portfolio since its creation almost 10 years ago. With the TriggerBox, it is convenient to add event information to the recordings of our amplifiers or any other device with TTL trigger inputs. Hardware triggers can be sent directly from stimulus presentation software via USB or by connecting other sources, such as push buttons or other devices, to the TriggerBox.

The TriggerBox Plus still has all these features but now offers you more flexibility and speed. In addition, it is now possible to simultaneously send triggers to a local network as LabStreamingLayer (LSL) markers.

The TriggerBox Extension offers 8 additional BNC connectors which can be linked to the 8 upper bits of any BrainAmp amplifier or used as a standalone solution for amplifiers such as actiCHamp Plus in situations where stretching, switching and isolation functions are not required. It can also be connected to the output trigger port of the actiCHamp Plus in order to lead the outgoing signal to the BNC ports. TriggerBox Plus and TriggerBox Extension serve as a general adapter which replaces many small adapters, cables and boxes.

The TriggerBox Plus software is required to use the TriggerBox Plus. This software installs the drivers, the TriggerBox Test IO, and an additional configuration tool. You can get more details and download the new TriggerBox (Plus) Software release 2.0.3 here.

Learn more about TriggerBox Plus and the TriggerBox (Plus) Software 2.0.3. Read our recent newsletter article: Out now! – TriggerBox Plus streams any trigger via LSL.