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Montages, Workspaces & Electrode Coordinate Files (.bvef) – active dry electrodes

BrainVision Recorder workspaces for electrode systems with (active) dry electrodes

All BrainVision Recorder workspaces/.bvef files have been prepared for use with the respective standard montage/layout. All relevant files are included in the below .zip file.

Should you have an older cap or a cap with a custom montage/layout please contact us and we will gladly provide you with the appropriate workspace/.bvef file for your cap.

actiCAP Xpress Twist

For actiCAP Xpress Twist: Download .bvef file - active dry electrodes

CGX Quick System

For CGX Quick-20r v2: CGX Quick System 20r - Channel Map

For CGX Quick-32r: CGX Quick System 32r - Channel Map

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