New Release: BrainVision RecView 1.4.5

We are pleased to announce BrainVision RecView 1.4.5.

BrainVision RecView is our solution for real-time analysis of data received via TCP/IP. It is widely used in the EEG-fMRI field to remove gradient and ballistocardiogram artifacts during scanning. RecView offers FFT analysis, data filtering and mapping of surface potentials useful for BCI or bio-/neurofeedback applications. It uses the same History Trees® concept as is used in BrainVision Analyzer.

You can visit the following page for detailed information about this new release and to download the software for installation:

What’s new in this release?

BrainVision Analyzer 1.4.5 now supports TriggerBox and TriggerBox Plus in addition to the LPT port. The RecView Filters Band power trigger, Level trigger, and R-Peak trigger now also offer the option to enable TriggerBox (Plus).

For all further details, please download the BrainVision RecView 1.4.5 - Release Notes .

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