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Create a C2V file

Required steps for Sentinel HASP upgrade – only for single license dongles

To upgrade your HASP HL dongle, please provide a C2V file that you can create yourself following the steps below.

  1. Connect only the HASP HL dongle that should be upgraded to Sentinel HASP to the PC.
  2. Go to the local dongle configuration page.
  3. If not enabled, check the option “Generate C2V file for HASP key” under Configuration > Basic Settings
    (confirm with Submit).
  4. Go to “Sentinel Keys”.
  5. Click on [C2V] in the Actions column for the relevant dongle.
  6. Click [Create C2V File] and save the file.
  7. Include the generated C2V file in your dongle upgrade request via the form (see tab Dongle Upgrade).
  8. Within the next days, you will receive an email with instructions how to apply the update to your dongle.

If you have any questions on the above, please contact us (Send Email).

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