New Releases: BrainVision Recorder 1.25.0001 and BrainVision Video Recorder 1.02

We’re announcing two new releases: BrainVision Recorder 1.25.0001 and BrainVision Video Recorder 1.02.
For detailed information on these new full releases and to download and install the latest versions, click here.

BrainVision Recorder is our multifunctional software for recording setup and execution:

  • Recording software offering a step-by-step workspace setup
  • Easy channel by channel impedance check with adjustable threshold values
  • Multiple view options as well as online ERP acquisition and display
  • OLE automation features and data output via TCP/IP network protocol

The BrainVision Video Recorder Kit is an add-on for BrainVision Recorder:

  • Solution to synchronize EEG and video recordings
  • Delay between video stream and EEG: only 1-2 video frames maximum
  • VisionVideo plugin for quick and easy configuration of various camera settings
  • Comes with a high-resolution network camera that connects to your recording computer or to your local IP network

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