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EEG & Video

Several EEG research applications require that a video of the subject is recorded together with the EEG. Particularly in sleep research, work with babies and in mobile EEG applications, combining video and EEG recordings is a standard procedure.

Synchronizing a video with an EEG recording is a complex task. Video cameras use their own clock and timing and synchronizing their signal with another one is therefore challenging from the hardware perspective. Also the analysis of a combined video EEG recording requires specialized features from the software perspective.

Brain Products provides a solution for video EEG that allows you to focus on your research.
We have assembled a convenient and easy to use soft and hardware package for this purpose. On the hardware side it allows you to use a wide range of cameras (with an A/V output) - including affordable standard and infrared cameras for e.g. sleep applications. On the software side BrainVision Recorder (i.e. the Video Recorder) records video and EEG simultaneously and the video extension of BrainVision Analyzer 2 displays the video along with the EEG data.

How does it work?
As of version 1.01.0000 BrainVision Video Recorder (a sublicense for the BrainVision Recorder software) supports a so-called ADVC converter. This converter is part of the Recorder Video Digital Interface Kit. It can take any A/C or composite Video/Audio output and convert it into a digital signal that can then be received from the recording computer via the firewire input.



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