CGX Mobile systems

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CGX Mobile systems
  • Available with 72 (10-10 montage) or 128 (10-5 montage) channels

  • Equipped with active electrodes to ensure high signal quality

  • Extremely lightweight and fully mobile

  • Includes a wireless, removable amplifier with a transmission range of 10 m

Wireless and fully mobile EEG system with 72-/128-channels

We have partnered with our good friends at CGX to offer you a wireless, high-channel count EEG system. In the CGX Mobile systems amplifier and Bluetooth® device are mounted to a shoulder harness for increased comfort and flexibility of movement. EEG channels are sampled at 500 Hz and converted to digital data at 24 bits of resolution.

The Mobile-72 and -128 systems provide research grade signal quality and are ideally suited for high-density EEG and ERP research in laboratory and field environments. Both systems also include three caps for simple switching between participants.

For a detailed overview of the technical specifications, please refer to the respective product manuals:

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