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BrainVision Analyzer Educational License

About BrainVision Analyzer 2 Educational License


Do you want to transfer your knowledge about EEG data analysis to your students? Brain Products has always been committed to supporting the neuroscience community through educational activities. If you are planning an educational event, you can benefit of the BrainVision Analyzer 2 Educational License! The user-friendly, intuitive interface of Analyzer will make teaching easier than ever.

The Educational License is for Analyzer 2 users who would like to teach with it.

Please note, that the Analyzer 2 Educational License is meant for educational events only. We therefore kindly ask you to restrict your use of the Educational License to teaching activities, while full BrainVision Analyzer 2 professional licenses can be purchased for research and publication purposes. These also include our renowned scientific support service.

Applying for an Educational License


Please note that there are some requirements for a successful application to the BrainVision Analyzer 2 Educational License:

  • Applicants must be experienced Analyzer users and they need to provide their current Analyzer license dongle number.
  • The information about organizers, list of lecturers, sponsoring institution and the program of the event shall provide enough evidence that the educational event has a reasonable proficiency level, and is supported by appropriate scientific expertise.
  • Brain Products shall be explicitly listed as one of the institutions supporting the educational event (e.g. on the event website, program, etc.).
  • Please make sure to apply to the educational license 8 weeks prior to the start of the educational event to grant enough time for shipping and installation.


If you are an Analyzer 2 user and would like to apply for an Educational License, please contact your local distributor or us (send email).

After the application:

If your application is granted, you will receive a network dongle containing up to 50 Analyzer 2 licenses. You may use them for the time of your teaching event.

Conditions & Limitations

Conditions for BrainVision Analyzer 2 Educational License Requests

Brain Products is pleased to grant the Analyzer 2 Educational License under the following conditions:

  • The costs of the Analyzer 2 Educational License shall be covered by the organizers of the educational event.
  • The cost for the network dongle – containing the licenses – is 500 EUR, unless agreed otherwise.
    Please note, that the above amount does not contain additional fees, like shipment, customs, local taxes etc.

Please contact your local distributor or us (send email) for further information.

Brain Products intends to grant the Analyzer 2 Educational License and to support all education events that fulfill the requirements of our evaluation process. However, Brain Products reserves the right to reject an application if it entails any conflict of interest. All supported educational events may be listed on the Brain Products website.

The network license will be limited as follows

  • Limited number of license seats:
    The number of license seats will be the number of expected participants, including the lecturers, plus 5 additional ones. The number of license seats can be further expanded if reasonable arguments are provided by the organizers of the event. However, the number of license seats per network dongle is limited to 50.
  • Limited time period:
    The total duration of the educational event shall not exceed 30 days. The licenses will be activated three weeks (21 days) prior to the start date of the event. These three weeks shall be used for network license installation, troubleshooting of possible network license issues, installation of Analyzer 2 and preparation of the EEG data workspaces. The license will be deactivated one week (7 days) after the end date of the event
  • Limited scientific support:
    Scientific support will be provided only to the organizers of the event and during the time in which the Educational License is active (max. 60 days in total). Event attendees shall be supported by the organizers themselves. Our scientific support department will respond via email to requests from an educational event within two working days after the request was received. In order to ensure the effective realization of the event, we recommend sending support requests as early as possible within the 3 weeks prior to the start date of the event.

Previously supported educational events for which BrainVision Analyzer 2 Educational Licenses were granted

Since the introduction of the Analyzer Educational License, we have supported more than 30 events in 8 different countries. Some of them are listed below.

Course: Research methods: electrophysiology
Institution: City University of London (UK)
Event Dates: November 19 – 20, 2019

Course: Introduction to Cognitive Psychophysiology
Institution: Rutgers University (USA)
Event Dates: September 17 – December 17, 2019

Introduction to EEG / ERP Analysis Workshop
Institution: Hotchkiss Brain Institute, University of Calgary (Canada)
Event Dates: June 11 – 15, 2018

Course: Electrophysiology of cognitive processes, intersubjectivity and neural resonance
Institution: Department of Developmental and Social Psychology, University of Padova (Italy)
Event Dates: March 30 – May 27, 2018

3rd IEEE EMBS International Summer school of Neural Engineering
Institution: Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China)
Event Dates: August 13 – 18, 2017

Workshop “Introduction to EEG and ERPs”
Institution: Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol (United Kingdom)
Event Dates: May 9, 11, 16 and 18, 2017

EEG analyses skills training course
Institution: Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Maastricht University (Netherlands)
Event Dates: : April 20 and May 2, 2017

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